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제목 Rev. Lee Jeong Hoon from Jeju was arrested 
등록자 관리자  등록일 2012.03.12

Good morning friends

I am writing to you to all to let you know that Rev. Lee Jeong Hoon,
the Chairperson of Jeju Presbytery of the PROK, and Fr. Kim Jeong Ook,
a Jesuit, are in prison in Jeju City, following a Friday protest
action at Gangjeong Village. As far as I know, on Friday protestors
entered through the fence to go onto Gureombi rock. About 30 were
taken by the police, and some were injured. The 30 were kept in
prison until Sunday, and then the others were released, but at the
sentencing yesterday two (or maybe three) were arrested, Rev. Lee
Jeong Hoon and Fr. Kim Jeong Ook (and we don't know what that means
yet). (Two other PROK ministers were among the 30 taken into custody
on Friday, Rev. Song Young Seop and Rev. Lee Kang Shil, and released
yesterday morning.)

Rev. Lee Jeong Hoon was the person who made the local arrangements for
our Interfaith Solidarity Visit in December. I am sending one picture
to remind you - he is the one standing between Sarah and Nick. I was
also just given two additional pictures, the first taken when PROK
held prayer service in Gangjeong in Sept., and from todays newspaper.

The situation at Gangjeong is dire indeed. The government is being
most unreasonable and defensive and the people are exhausted. But
supporters are coming from all over to stand with the people. We ask
that you stand with them in your thoughts and prayer.

As I emailed you the other day, the books resulting from the
Solidarity visit are in the mail to you. Hopefully you will receive
them soon and they will assist you to make the issues known.

In peace,

Catherine, ecumenical co-worker with PROK and NCCK

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